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Erocko Web Design Price and Time Quote 

Please answer the following questions to generate a price quote and time estimate.

Website Structure (step 1 of 6)

Our Question:Your Answer:
1. How many web-site pages do you need? (enter a number, ex: 5)

Typically, a basic website contains 4 pages: introduction/welcome, about your organization, contact information, and product descriptions. Your site may require more or less than 4, please estimate your total number and enter it into the box at your right.
2. To navigate your site, what style of links do you prefer? (select one)

View Examples:

  • Text Links Pros: Load Quickly, Easy to Change. Cons: Few web-safe fonts, lack style.

  • Image Links Pros: More font and color choices, smoother incorporation with site. Cons: take longer to load than text, harder to edit after production.

  • Cascade Links Pros: Save space when you have many links, stylish with "wow" factor. Cons: longer load times, degrades in older browsers (Known to work with the popular browsers: Internet Explorer 4+, Nestcape 4.x, Opera 5).

3. Would you like your navigation system to have a rollover effect?

Mouse over image below for an example of a rollover effect:

4. Will your web pages need to be updated regularly with new text or style changes?

For example, if your sites require weekly text changes or monthly changes in style (images/background colors, etc.), select yes.


5. Should visitors to your site be redirected to a custom error page if an error occurs while they visit your site? (Select as many as you want.)

404 = Document Not Found
500 = Internal Server Error
403 = Forbidden

Called Error Documents, these pages are used by many companies to give a friendly message when, for instance, a user types in the wrong address to one of their pages.

For example, this page does not exist: When you visit it, a custom, branded message tells you it does not exist. This is termed an error code 404, or "Page not found".


Images & Graphics (step 2 of 6)

6. How many of your photographs do you need us to scan and convert into a web-optimized format to be displayed on your site? (enter a number, ex: 11)

Please enter the number of photographs to scan into the box on your right.
7. How many graphics will Erocko designers need to custom-design to be used on your site? (enter a number, ex: 6)

For example, a 5 page site typically needs 6 custom graphics. One main company logo to be included on all pages, and 5 individual graphics to serve as headers that clearly define each different page.

You will want at least one custom design for your site logo. If your company already has a logo in use, this will have to be incorporated seamlessly into the site. Additional graphics such as graphical topic headings on each page, custom stock photography, and any other specific graphic design you would like to have should be included in your count.
8. How many animated graphics would you like? (enter a number, ex: 1)
9. Do you need a photography session? (enter number of hours, ex: 2)

If so, enter the number of hours you expect to need a photographer into the box on the right.

Custom Web Applications (step 3 of 6)

10. Does your company need an e-commerce solution?

Includes a custom shopping cart (electronic store), secure site certificate secure site lock for 128-bit SSL encrypted transactions, and a dedicated IP address for your site. (Site must be hosted on Erocko servers.)
11. Does your site need an open forum for online discussion?

12. Does your organization require an online email form so site visitors can send instant comments? Yes
13. Would you like to enable visitors to be able to search your site? Yes

Hosting Your Website (step 4 of 6)

14. Do you need hosting for your new site?

If so, select one of the hosting plans to the right.

I = (100MB Space, 1GB Transfer)
II = (200MB Space, 2GB Transfer)
III = (300MB Space, 3GB Transfer)
Hosting Plan Details


15. Would you like for Erocko designers to maintain your site?

If selected, Erocko will process a limited number of minor updates each month (text changes, image additions). A monthly fee applies.


Generate & View Price Quote (step 5 of 6)

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Design Total:
Monthly Fee:

Time to Complete:


Price Verification (step 6 of 6)

To Verify your results, enter your name, email, and any comments you may have and click "Verify Price Quote." Please allow 24-48 hours for price verification.

Comments / Requests / More Details:

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