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Erocko WebDesign
Over the years, Erocko has perfected many techniques to make sites stand out. Here is a sampling of sites to give you an idea of what is possible. But remember, any site you can imagine is more than likely possible for us to design. If you have a sketch in words or drawn and are curious as to whether or not Erocko can craft it into a site, contact us so we can discuss the possibilities.

The structure and appearance of each site Erocko designs is unique and specialized to fit the requirements of our clients. Web Design for Synaptic and Developmental Plasticity Group at NIEHSAs an example, look at this site for The Synaptic Development and Plasticity Group at the National Institutes of Health: Visit Site. Since this lab's primary research is neuroscience, we made the neurons serve as navigation to each page. When you place your mouse over a neuron, neurotransmitter animates as if released and signaling to another neuron. When clicking on a neuron, neurotransmitter is released toward the document content while the page changes simultaneously. This site is a favorite because of the theme connecting the type of research done in that laboratory with the website used to tell others about them.

Award winning designs by Erocko.comFor more examples of Erocko web designs, visit the Portfolio If you like what you see and want to talk about building a site for you, please contact us. Fees can range anywhere between $25 and several thousand dollars depending on the complexity of design and the required time involvement.

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